Autor: Martin Doubrava, Datum: 01. 11. 2020

Divorce lawyer.  When to hire a divorce lawyer?

  Divorce lawyer.  When to hire a divorce lawyer?   Divorce, minor children, alimony, division of property, and sometimes also for a legal layman a stressful and demanding communication with the lawyer of the outgoing partner is easily solved by consulting with a lawyer and the lawyer’s mandate for legal representation. Hiring a divorce lawyer is best suited from the beginning for a comprehensive solution to both divorce and the entrustment of minors from the care of one of the parents or to alternating care, and last but not least for the solution of the division of property of both spouses. The solution to all problems connected with the divorce of marriage by one lawyer enables a significant reduction in the time of court proceedings.   Can’t agree?   The list of all necessary documents is for the price of CZK 2,500.00 and the subsequent protection of your interests in oral court proceedings is for the price of CZK 2,000.00 / court proceedings.   Are you afraid of high lawyer fees? Communication with a lawyer by phone, via WhatsApp or Skype is of course possible in our office. A personal visit to a law firm is not a necessity and significantly reduces the cost of legal aid and time. Contact us by email. We also provide legal assistance in german.

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