Legal service costs

The cost of legal services is primarily based on an assessed hourly rate agreed to with the client. A flat fee for legal service is proposed for long-term arrangements. If a dispute is to be handled, the lawyer’s fee is usually based on the legal fee schedule prescribed by law.

Flat Rate Tariff

Corporate clients often opt for the basic monthly fee, which reserves the lawyer’s time for a given time slot. Details are available upon request.

In cases involving international law or cooperation with a foreign solicitor, the respective foreign lawyer’s tariff is applied.


If you would like to receive a non-binding general price quote, do not hesitate to contact us with your specific case. If you have a competitor’s quote for legal services, compare it to our prices -- which are always negotiable. To send a request, simply use our Contact Us form. The law office is VAT registered.

Find out legal services costs

An expense we cannot influence for the client is court fees, which are paid by the client to the government to cover the cost of the dispute.

The following are general figures subject to change pursuant to legislative developments.

List of court fees

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