Autor: Martin Doubrava, Datum: 17. 11. 2020

Invalidity of termination, How to verify the invalidity of termination of employment?

It is essential that to exercise the employee’s rights in the event of invalid termination of employment under Czech law, it is necessary to file a lawsuit quickly, within two months at the latest, which will assess the invalidity of the termination and decide that the termination is invalid. To bring such an action, it is appropriate to entrust a lawyer who can obtain a positive court decision before a court, even using case law, i.e. similar decisions of other courts in an analogous legal situation.

Can’t agree?

The list of all necessary documents is for the price of CZK 2,500.00 and the subsequent protection of your interests in oral court proceedings is for the price of CZK 2,000.00 / court proceedings.

Are you afraid of high lawyer fees?

Communication with a lawyer by phone, via WhatsApp or Skype is of course possible in our office. A personal visit to a law firm is not a necessity and significantly reduces the cost of legal aid and time. Contact us by email. we also provide legal assistance in german maintenance.

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